We’re a podcast called "What Are You Doing, Movie?," on the Friends in Your Head podcast network.

Oh. The usual four on the podcast are Teague Chrystie, Brian Finifter, Michael "Dorkman" Scott and Trey Stokes, with super-frequent appearances by Eddie Doty and Ryan Wieber, and semi-frequent appearances by Chris Hanel, Jake Lloyd, Cloe Zimmerman, Matt Vayda, Anthony Alba, Paul Santagada, and others. Then there’s a bunch of folks who spend more time on our sister podcasts. There’s a lot of cross-over.

Yep. That’s actually incidental, though - Teague started the show, Teague’s in the film industry, a lot of the people Teague knows are from various creative projects in the film industry. Selection bias, y’know?

In the list above are a lot of visual effects artists - with a couple Emmy wins and several nominations on that front - and editors, fight choreographers, directors, actors, writers, cinematographers, puppeteers, composers, prosthetics folks, and so on. We don’t focus on any particular wing of the film industry, just snag cool folks we’ve met in our travels that we like having around.

We thought it would be fun. We’ve done special events for a few previous milestones and they’ve all been a blast. This was just the next logical milestone, and the next logical progression from our previous madnesses. (For our 100th episode we did a big live show at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, for our third anniversary we did a similar-to-this marathon commentary session for the Lord of the Rings extended editions.)

The initial planning process for this event involved quite a lot of folks close to the FIYH family, and we wanted to find a cause that we all really cared about that would do a lot of good. While there was a huge list of favored causes, we kept coming back to malaria, and Against Malaria Foundation.

Huh. You got very proper there for a second.

No catch. In fact, we won’t even be involved monetarily in the donation process; we’ll just be linking you to their donation system. AMF has a service whereby all the donations that come from a certain link are lumped together, so you can keep an eye on just those figures. We’re gonna do that.

Why not?


Uh. Nothing. Publicity, maybe?

We’d be doing this exact same ridiculous marathon thing without the whole "raise money for charity" angle, for the amusement of ourselves and our existing fanbase and online community. (That’s what we did for the last couple milestone events.) We just thought it’d be extra cool to do some good with it.

Plus, one of our listeners once wrote us to say that they were working with a team that was trying to cure Lupus, and they listened to our show in the lab, so in a way we were helping to cure Lupus, and we thought that was just super cool.

So, nets!

Oh. Well, we’re not, like, opposed to money. We just didn’t want to risk anyone thinking us-getting-money was the point of this thing.

There’s a Paypal button on the front page of the site if you’re so inclined, and that money goes to things like equipment replacement, paying for servers, literal pizza for us, that kind of thing.

I answered every single one, you savage.

Oh. My bad. You can send questions to friendsinyourhead@gmail.com, @friendsinurhead, or on our Facebook page /friendsinyourhead. They shall be answered promptly and with great dignity.